by Pallor

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Because we are each vessels of our own making and the paths we choose in life should embrace the non-theologian Satanistic values of respect for everyone and their way, that life is driven by balance and intelligence, and that our singular lives all affect one another in ways unimaginable. We are alone here.


released February 19, 2016

Songs written and performed by Pallor.
Recording/Editing/Mixing by Patrick Kukucka @ Hi Z Lo z Studios in Asheville, NC, USA
Mastering by James Plotkin @ Plotkinworks (



all rights reserved


Pallor Asheville, North Carolina

Drum and bass.

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Track Name: Blister Cave
Leave me alone
I'm not a chance to inflate your ego
Go away
I'm not your neighbor
You're not my friend
You are not family
You are a stranger

I know what you want
The shallow intention is clear
Leave me sleeping, macho death
Satisfied depravity
Well-oiled machine seeking small frames
Feed on the weak

Leave me alone
Feed on the weak
It won't be me
Leave me alone
Track Name: Sureños
Esto es un mensaje por los sureños
Olvida la Política y las linéas imaginarios
Esta es tu tierra, no es un anexo europeo
Es la história de las mentidas
El engaño Americano escrito en libros
Ley que enseña ignorancia
Track Name: Faith
Such grace holds the faithful
Shimmering in dead kings' jewelry
To the celestial bodies
The lights go dim on Earth
As conditions erase themselves
Self eradication
By endless war
Bare your sword
Lift His name on high
Conquer, conquest, coalesce
Empty the lands of humanity

My faith is strong
You will die alone

Inflict this sickness
Spread this disease
This desperate illness
That you call 'faith'
The light's going dim
Your life is leaving
Your filthy mind
Rotting alone as it has been
Track Name: Disintegration
The truths of life are abundantly clear
How is such apathy necessary?
Astonishing displays of disconnect
And selfish inconsideration
The same weak insecurity
Why is it like this here?
How can life destroy with purpose?
Fuck your traditions, this is culture.